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SMS Jokes
A good friend is like a computer..
 Rating   3.9  Jan, 21
FRIENDSHIP is a network tht..
 Rating   3.9  Aug, 28
Women r like net Virus: They..
 Rating   3.8  Jul, 10
God saw ME hungry, he created..
 Rating   3.9  Oct, 14
Days are 2 Busy, Hours are..
 Rating   3.5  Nov, 16
Do u know whats A B C D E F..
 Rating   3.8  Aug, 22
If u read dis, I'm SMART. If u..
 Rating   3.5  Nov, 1
Sweet is ur nature, Dear is ur..
 Rating   3.7  Nov, 15

Men vs Women
7 qualities 2 b a perfect wife:..
 Rating   3  Aug, 8
GIRL to BOY: I am radio My left..
 Rating   3  Jun, 15
Wife asked his husband how many..
 Rating   3  Jun, 15
Different Phases of a..
 Rating   2.6  Jun, 15
Wives r Incoming Calls Lovers r..
 Rating   2.8  Jun, 15
Wife: If I sleep with ur..
 Rating   3  Jun, 15
Q: Why men walk more and women..
 Rating   2.8  Jun, 15
Its funny when ppl discuss..
 Rating   2.6  Sep, 6

Dirty SMS
What Is A KiSS? Its An..
 Rating   3.8  Oct, 6
Secy. saw her boss' pant's zip..
 Rating   3.8  Nov, 23
Man to the doctor, "doc mera..
 Rating   3.5  Dec, 13
A man married a Lady Traffic..
 Rating   3.8  Jul, 20
OUCH! Its 2..
 Rating   3.4  Sep, 9
1 lady delivrd..
 Rating   3.4  Jul, 29
GIRL to BOY: I am radio My left..
 Rating   3.9  Sep, 28
Women's life is very hard...
 Rating   3.8  Sep, 26

Indian Desi SMS
Kiss is not like..
 Rating   3.7  Feb, 6
Life is like: MATHS: Friend..
 Rating   3.8  Jul, 1
I'm proud that ur my frnd coz..
 Rating   3.7  Nov, 1
Dosti karo College wali se..
 Rating   3.1  Sep, 28
 Rating   3.4  Jan, 25
Tutor to Santa: wat is u r..
 Rating   4  Apr, 24
A dog was chasing Banta..
 Rating   3.5  Aug, 19
Whose mother had the..
 Rating   3.6  Mar, 7

Romantic SMS
I am a PAPER, u can write..
 Rating   3  Aug, 2
When someone loves you, u..
 Rating   3  Feb, 1
Heart can skip beat for a..
 Rating   3  Sep, 21
C.L.I.C.K. means : C=cant..
 Rating   2.8  Jan, 11
One who smokes has a smoky..
 Rating   2.9  Nov, 14
The word HELLO means: H=How are..
 Rating   2.9  Jun, 27
Only the open heart..
 Rating   2.9  Jul, 1
If I m in hell & you r heaven,..
 Rating   2.9  Sep, 28

Dirty Indian SMS
Ladies ke sath log kaise baat..
 Rating   4.3  Jul, 13
Rakhi Sawant ne Sabzi Mandi me 2..
 Rating   4.2  Jul, 4
1970 Dulha Dahej Me sasurji se..
 Rating   4.1  Jul, 30
Election me jitne ke baad..
 Rating   4.1  Dec, 19
Yeh waqt nahin hai rone ka,..
 Rating   4.1  Jul, 30
Teacher class mein apne baby ko..
 Rating   4.1  Aug, 23
Rakhi sawant ka Gang Rape ho..
 Rating   4.1  Sep, 23
If u have two balls between ur..
 Rating   4.1  Nov, 23

Funny Shayaris
Gulaab Ko Bhi Kamal Bana..
 Rating   4.6  Mar, 10
Hum wo Enginr nhi jinko haathon..
 Rating   4.4  Nov, 29
Arz Kiya Hai Sunday K Din Aap..
 Rating   4.4  Sep, 20
Agar Shahjahan Hum Jaisa..
 Rating   4.4  Sep, 14
Qudrat Ne Aurat ko Haseen..
 Rating   4.3  Apr, 18
Beeti hui zindagi ki kuch itni..
 Rating   4.3  May, 25
Aisi wani boliye ki jamkar..
 Rating   4.3  Jun, 2
Na Dil Ko Behlane Ke Liye Na..
 Rating   4.3  Mar, 10

Romantic Shayaris
Hosle Sare aazma baithe, Hum..
 Rating   4.5  Sep, 16
kaisay jiyan gay tum bin yeh..
 Rating   4.4  Sep, 29
Na Chand Ki Tarah,Na suraj Ki..
 Rating   4.4  Feb, 9
Yeh dosti meri nahi hamaari..
 Rating   4.4  Jul, 28
Pyar se pyari hai teri..
 Rating   4.4  Jul, 28
Jaruri nahi dosti me mulakat..
 Rating   4.4  Jun, 12
Phool ki shuruvat kali se hoti..
 Rating   4.4  Oct, 17
Kaunsa Zakhm tha jo taaza na..
 Rating   4.4  Jan, 29

Friendship Messages
School ki dosti 12th class..
 Rating   4.5  Aug, 6
Its so common hearing How r u?..
 Rating   4.5  Sep, 8
gud friends r like..
 Rating   4.5  Jun, 15
Earlier friendship started..
 Rating   4.5  Oct, 11
MiStakeS R NOt A Crime, If U Can..
 Rating   4.5  Sep, 23
Sumtimes I dont say HI....
 Rating   4.4  Jun, 18
Sweetest Friendship is like a..
 Rating   4.4  Oct, 17
Respect those friends who find..
 Rating   4.4  Jan, 15

Q: Why was the Blonde writing..
 Rating   3.6  Feb, 18
A Blonde pulled out 6 people..
 Rating   3.1  Jun, 15
What is six inches long, has a..
 Rating   3  Mar, 3
Blonde: My 8yr old son is very..
 Rating   3  Jun, 15
Teachr:V shud try 2 stop..
 Rating   3  Sep, 16
Blonde is on 1 side of a lake..
 Rating   2.9  Jun, 15
Did you hear about the blonde..
 Rating   2.9  Jun, 28
A man is doing push ups on the..
 Rating   2.9  Jun, 15

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