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Funny Facts

If swimming is a good exercise to stay FIT,
Why are whales FAT ?

Why is the place in a stadium where people SIT,
called a STAND ?

Why is that everyone wants to go to HEAVEN,
but nobody wants to DIE.

Shall I say that there is racial discrimination even in chess...
As the WHITE piece is moved FIRST.

In our country,
Then why do we have TELEPHONE BILLS ?

If money doesn't grow on TREES,
then why do banks have BRANCHES ?

Why doesn't GLUE
stick to its BOTTLE ?

Why do you still call it a BUILDING,
when its already BUILT ?

If its true that we are here to HELP others,
What are others HERE for ?

If you arent supposed to DRINK and DRIVE...
Why do bars have PARKING lots ?

If All The Nations In The World Are In Debt,
Were Did All The Money Go ?

When Dog Food Is New With Improved Taste,
Who Tests It ?

If The "Black Box" Flight Recorder Is Never Damaged During A Plane Crash,
Why Isn't The Whole Airplane Made Out Of That Stuff..?

Who Copyrighted
The Copyright Symbol..?

Why Do People Say "You've Been Working Like A Dog",
When Dogs Just Sit Around All Day ?

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