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Women oh Women

If you are well dressed,
She thinks you are play boy.
If you are not,
She thinks you are a begger.

If you kiss her,
She thinks you r not a gentleman.
If you don't,
She thinks you are not a man.

If you praise her,
She thinks you are a lier.
If u don't she thinks,
You are good for nothing.

If you visit her often,
She thinks u are boring.
If you don't she accuses,
You for double crossing.

If u visit another girl,
She accuses you for being cheat.
If she is visited by another guy,
She says "oh..! its natural! we are girls..!

If you propose love within a brief time,
You are a freash guy.
If you propose love later ,
She wonders why

If you are jealous,
She says its bad.
If your not she doubts ,
Your love and is not glad.

If you attempt romance,
She thinks you don't respect her.
If you don't,
She thinks you don't like her.

If you listen ,
She wants to talk.
If you wanna talk,
She also wants to talk.

Oh women..! you are so simple,
Yet so complex....

You are so weak,
Yet so powerful.....
Your so confusing ,
Yet so desirable!

Joke Submited by Ritesh

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