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From the Brotherhood of Boozers

A grimacing, quiet man was trying to climb a bar stool and balance himself on it, but was stumbling down again and again. A guy just entered the bar, saw what was happening and decided to do kind thing to a fellow drinker.

He rushes to the man, supports him and tells him, “Don’t worry brother, I will call a Cab and take you to your home.” He did just that with all his energy. On way the man keeps on stumbling, grimacing, unable to speak a word and needed support to be straightened out umpteen number of times. Stumbling man gives an ID card with address and points at a house with his finger. The helping guy fully worn out stops the Cab, pays the cab bill with tip, carries the guy to the door thru outdoor steps, rings the bell and an old woman opens the door.

She looks at the sober but rage expressing husband being helped and says to the guy, "Thanks for bringing my husband back home so soon from the bar but where is his Wheel Chair."

Joke Submited by Deigo

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