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  Jokes Category  >>  Santa & Banta - Dumb & Dumber  Joke No : 126 
Once Santa's boss calls up Santa on phone and asks him to come to his office.

Santa goes to boss office.

Boss say's "Come in Santa, today I will teach you a new thing"

Santa is bit confused.

Boss say's putting his hand on the table "See the top of my palm, take a good aim & hit it hard".

Santa looks still more confused and as per boss instructions rolls his fist, takes a good aim and punches hard. Boss removes his hand in split of sec & poor Santa's fist crahes onto the top of table and boss says the Moral of the story is be alert and think before what you do.

"Ouch" groan's Santa in pain.

Santa goes home, calls his son "Come here I will teach a new thing"

His son comes.

Santa covers his face with the bottom of his palm, ask's his son to roll up his fist, take a good aim and punch his face, his son does as per his father's saying.

Santa removes his hand in split of sec and the rest is history.

 Joke Added : 09, December 
 Submited by : S R Sridhar  Views: 69,862
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