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  Jokes Category  >>  Politicians, Politics, etc  Joke No : 116 
Prince Charles is driving his Land Rover to Sandringham to see his mum. He enters the gate and waves at the guard, just as he pulls onto the driveway he feels a *bump* and a high-pitched howling noise. He quickly stops the car and gets out, to his horror he sees one of his mums Corgis badly crushed under the wheel of the car.

The poor dog is already dead and Prince Charles does not know what to do. His mum will be heart broken and she will be very upset with him.

Just then there was a bright flash and *pooof* a beautiful fairy appeared floating in front of him.

"Who are you?" Asked Prince Charles

"I'm your fairy godmother" she replied in a soft voice "I sensed you were in need and am here to grant you any wish you desire".

"Any wish I desire" repeated Prince Charles What luck!

Well as you can see I just ran over one of mums dogs and she will be most upset. So please, can you bring the doggy back to life?"

The fairy godmother took out her magic wand and walked over to the squashed Corgi and after looking at it for a while she said "It is very errrr, squashed and I'm afraid my fairy magic has its limits you know. Isn't there anything else you desire, another wish I could grant you?"

Prince Charles scratched his head and thought about it for awhile. "Ah ha," he said, "I know what I would like to wish for. Please can you make Camilla as beautiful as Diana was?"

The fairy godmother had a stunned look on her face, she paused for a second, and said, "Well, perhaps I could have another try at the dog."

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