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You have selected Life is not a Joke category, Please note that this section does not have jokes but Contains heart touching stories and inspirational articles, if you are are looking for jokes please select a different category from the Joke Category options given on the left.

  Category  >>  Life - Its not a Joke  Joke No : 156 

Today I thought about you
and I realized something.
I felt like a part of me was missing,
and I discovered it was you.

We're so comfortable around each other,
and we don't have to think about
what we say, or how we say it.
I missed that today. I missed you.

I thought of the times when we
kicked back, shared our dreams, our hopes,
and plans ~ and you really listened.
I missed that today. I missed you.

Remembering your smile,
and how you made me smile ~
created a smile.
I love how being just who we are is enough.
I missed that today. I missed you.

And so, as you go through your busy day,
and I go through mine,
please know that you often cross my mind,
and I missed you today.

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