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You have selected Life is not a Joke category, Please note that this section does not have jokes but Contains heart touching stories and inspirational articles, if you are are looking for jokes please select a different category from the Joke Category options given on the left.

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My Lessons in Life By Azim Premji

Azim Premji, Chairman and Managing Director of Wipro
Limited, shares his perspective on success and effective
living with teenagers

The funny thing about life is that you realize the value of something only when it begins to leave you. As my hair turned from black, to salt and pepper to finally salt without pepper, I have begun to realize the importance of youth. At the same time, I have begun to truly appreciate some of the lessons I have learnt along the way. I hope you will find them useful when you plan your career and life.

The first thing I have learnt is that we must always begin with our strengths. From the earliest years of our schooling, everyone focuses on what is wrong with us. There is an imaginary story of a rabbit. The rabbit was enrolled in a rabbit school.

Like all rabbits, it could hop very well but could not swim. At the end of the year, the rabbit got high marks in hopping but failed in swimming. The parents were concerned. They said, "Forget about hopping, you are good at it anyway. Concentrate on swimming". They sent the rabbit for tuitions in swimming.

And guess what happened? The rabbit forgot how to hop. As for swimming, have you ever seen a rabbit swim? While it is important for us to know what we are not good at, we must also cherish what is good in us.

That is because; it is only our strengths that can give us the energy to correct our weaknesses. The second lesson I have learnt is that a Rupee earned is of far more value than FIVE found. My friend was sharing with me the story of his eight year old niece, she would always complain about breakfast. The cook tried everything possible, but the child remained unhappy. Finally my friend took the child to a supermarket and bought one of those ready-to-cook packets. The child had to cut the packet and pour the water in the dish. After that, it took two minutes in the microwave to be ready. The child found the food to be absolutely delicious.

The difference was that she had cooked it! In my own life, I have found that nothing gives as much satisfaction as earning our rewards. In fact, what is gifted or inherited follows the old rule of come easy, go easy. I guess we know the value of what we have if we have to struggle to earn it.

The third lesson I have learned is that no one bats a hundred every time. Life has many challenges. You win some and lose some. You must enjoy winning. But do not let it go to the head. The moment it does, you are already on your way to failure.

And if you encounter failure along the way, treat it as an equally natural phenomenon. Don't beat yourself for it or anyone for that matter! Accept it, look at your own share of the problem, learn from it and move on. The important thing is, when you lose do not lose the lesson.

The fourth lesson I have learnt is the importance of humility. Sometimes, when you get so much in life, you really start wondering whether you really deserve all of it! This brings me to the value of gratitude. We have so much to be grateful
for. Our parents, our teachers and our seniors have done so much for us that we can never repay them. Many people focus on the shortcomings, because obviously, no one can be perfect. But it is important to first acknowledge what we have received. Nothing in life is permanent but when a relationship ends, rather than becoming bitter, we must learn to savor the memory of the good things while they lasted.

The fifth lesson is that we must always strive for excellence. One way of achieving excellence is by looking at those better than ourselves. Keep learning what they do differently. Emulate it. But excellence cannot be imposed from outside. We must also feel the need from within. It must become an obsession. It must involve not only our mind but also our heart and soul.

Excellence is not an act but a habit. I remember the inspiring lines of a poem, which says that your reach must always exceed your grasp. That is heaven on earth. Ultimately, your only competition is yourself.

The sixth lesson I have learnt is never give up in adversity. It comes on you suddenly without warning. One can either succumb to self-pity, wring your hands in despair or decide to deal with the situation with courage and dignity. Always keep in mind that it is only the test of fire that makes us find steel. A friend of mine shared this incident with me.

His eight-year-old daughter was struggling away at a jigsaw puzzle. She kept at it for hours but could not succeed. Finally, it went beyond her bedtime. My friend told her, "Look, why don't you just give up? I don't think you will complete it tonight. Look at it another day."

The daughter looked with a strange look in her eyes, "But, Dad, why should I give up? All the pieces are there! I have just got to put them together!"

If we persevere long enough, we can put any problem in perspective.

The seventh lesson I have learnt is that while you must be open to change, do not compromise on your values. Mahatma Gandhi often said that you must open the windows of your mind, but you must not be swept off your feet by the breeze.

You must define what your core values are and what you stand for. And these values are not so difficult to define. Values like honesty, integrity, consideration and sensitivity have survived for generations. Values are not in the words
used to describe them, as much as in simple acts. A wise man once said, "You do not have to change the world to make a difference. If on the way to your house, you can bring a smile on the face of a crying child, you have done your bit".

At the end of the day, it is values that define a person more than the achievements. Because it is the means of achievement that decide how long the achievements will sustain. Do not be tempted by short cuts. The short cut can make
you lose your way and end up becoming the longest way to the destination.

And the final lesson I learnt is that we must have faith in our own ideas even if everyone tells us that we are wrong. There was once a newspaper vendor who had a rude customer.

Every morning, the customer would walk by, refusing to return the greeting, grab the paper off the self and throw the money at the vendor. The vendor would pick up the money, smile politely and say "Thank you, Sir." Oneday the Vendor's assistant asked him, "Why are you always polite with him when he is so rude to you? Why don't you throw the newspaper at him when he comes back tomorrow?" The Vendor smiled and replied, "he can't help being rude and I can't help being polite. Why should I let his rude behavior dictate my politeness?"

So it is, my young friends, with all of us. In my youth, I thought of myself as a rebel and was any times, a rebel without a cause. Today, I realize that my rebellion was another kind of conformity. We defied our elders to fall in line with our peers! Ultimately, we must learn to respond instead of reacting. When we respond, we evaluate with a calm mind and do whatever is most appropriate. We are in control of our actions. When we react, we are still doing what the other
person wants us to do.

I wish you all the best in your life and career. I hope you achieve success in whatever way you define it and what gives you the maximum in life. Remember those who win are those who believe they can.

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