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Kanjibhai and Rupaben Story

Long long time ago before he got married, Kanjibhai was traveling from Ahmedabad to Bombay by train. Rupaben (a beautiful female) was also traveling in the same compartment except that they both didn’t know each other in the beginning. Once they started talking, they realized they both had a lot in common.

Both were Single.

Both were Gujaratis.

Both were going to Bombay.

Both were School teachers.

Both were starting a new job at the Mithibai College.

They seemed to hit it off well and decided to be roommates in Bombay and made a pact that they would do everything together. So they lived in the same house, traveled to the college together on Kanjibhai’s scooter, had lunch in the staff room together, returned home together, they were watching the TV together, eating dinner together and were also sharing the same bedroom and EVEN sharing the same bed.

The only problem was Rupaben was placing a pillow between them at bedtime, much to the frustration of Kanjibhai, who ended up spending many sleepless nights with this most desirable beauty besides him, separated by the pillow. Kanjibhai’s frustration had built up to such an extent that he could take it no more, and ended up deciding to drink.

So one day he took off from the college leaving Rupaben on her own. She was quite upset, but made it home by auto rikshaw. The pact had been broken so she decided not to open the door for Kanjibhai when he got home drunk at about 2 AM.

Kanjibhai knocked on the door for about 20 minutes and pleaded with his roommate to let him in. After listening to his crap for 20 minutes, Rupaben said, ” Where the hell did you disappear today? We decided to do everything together! Now you sleep outside”. Kanjibhai, “I will jump over the wall and come in if you don’t open the door right now!”

Rupaben says, "Forget it you don't bluff me...... You cant even cross over over a pillow, now you are talking about jumping over a wall."

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