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  Jokes Category  >>  Indian jokes - we are like this only  Joke No : 226 
Why did the chicken cross the road??

"From reliable sources I've learned that the chicken actually belongs to Karunanidhi. He is making his chicken cross the road just to create law and order problems. The chicken has now been arrested under POTA"

Bal Thackeray:
"Chickens crossing the roads is totally against our culture. My sainiks will see to any chickens that try to cross the road"

Venkiah Naidu:
"That the chicken crossed the road clearly demonstrates the fact that the people and chickens have lost confidence in the Congress Government. The Government should own moral responsibility and resign."

George Fernandes:
"I am deeply hurt that this question is being asked after my 40 clean years of public life. I don't own a house, or a car, leave alone a chicken."

Mulayam Singh:
"I demand a 50% reservation of the road for the chicken class, so that they can cross the road freely, and in dignity, without their motives being questioned"

"I definitely see a Pakistani hand in this chicken crossing business ..."

Sonia Gandhi
"We are very sure of the fact that the chicken did not cross the road. It's just a conspiracy by the BJP to bring the Government down. The poor chicken has been made a scapegoat in this whole issue"

"We are adopting a wait and watch policy. We have convened a meeting of the Left parties today. We will decide the future course of action after the chicken comes back"

Abdul Kalam:
"Yes, why did the chickens cross the road? Please tell me why? They crossed to get to the other side of the road. Now children, repeat after me...."

Menaka Gandhi:
" The poor chicken had to cross the road. If a vehicle had run over it, we would have lost one of our most precious creatures. We must therefore ban all vehicles from using the road."

Gabbar Singh
"Arrey oh Saamba! Kitne chicken thhey?

Amitabh Bachchan:
"The chicken has crossed the road? Are you sure? Pakka? Lock kiya jaaye?"

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