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  Jokes Category  >>  Garam Masala (R)  Joke No : 1268 
George looked over the backyard fence and admired

Fred's wife while she sunbathed topless.

The next day, George corners his neighbor on the driveway saying,

"I saw your wife sunbathing in the backyard without her top on yesterday."

Fred was quite put out over the peeping incident and told George he planned revenge.

That very evening, Fred noticed that George's bedroom shades were up.

Upon closer inspection, he notices George's wife in the act of performing oral sex.

The very next day Fred calls out to George,

"Hey, George, I saw your wife giving you a blow-job last night."

George laughed. "Ha ha ha! Liar!

I wasn't even home last night."

 Joke Added : 31, March 
 Submited by : Ravi  Views: 11,104
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