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  Jokes Category  >>  Computers Jokes  Joke No : 264 
Day Cycle of a s/w Engineer

Morning may start with meditation for first few days then perhaps this activity is given up as one dont feel to get up early morning.

Brushing ! Yup an essential , but some people keep it optional.

Shaving again an optional thing but many prefer doing that.

A cool Bath : Oh God, Nahana padega! Another optional activity, Many use deo instead.

Choice of clothes is best from the available wardrobe.

Full Speed se office.

Thodi chai/coffee + Biscuit + Chips ho jaye

Work starts with checking mails. Usually millions of FWDs and few personal friends. Only few ppl say that they get official mails (Fwds from mentors)

Ok lets login to Yahoo / Msn / all possible available messengers. Time for Conferences (Group / Individual).
Parallely write code ( Replies to emails )

Ok enough, Let me start work.

Sudden appearance of Boss/ Mentor. Damm ! why he has to talk to me !

Bad luck! sara Impression pani me behe gaya !

Sometimes frustration may result in damage to CPU / MOUSE. Such events are rare but they may happen. Right ?

Chalta hai yaar dekh lunga jaab permanent ho jaunga, Now let me works.

Are, shayad mail Aaaya hai...... Wow cool Fwd thumbs_up Sahi yaar, Let me too fwd them to all, post it on facebook! 

Yuppy ! Khao kaho yummy  Lunch ho gaya! Thodi chai bhi ho jaye. Kya yaar, kash ye smoke detectors nahi hote to kitna aacha hota.

Check mails. Why the hell people dont mail me. Or is POP3 Server down. Check settings.

Yaar immediately kaun kaam shuru kare, let me chat.
(Some popular Chat Topics : Tell other coleague/friends "I got lot of work yaar no time to chat"
Gossips : GF / BF Plans for weekend movie/trip)

Ok whats new on net, any new utility/virus, any convertor for free or if not free is a crack available. I must be updated to have a topic to speak at weekend in friends.

Enough chatting and browsing, back to work.

Baas ek cup aur. Aaj chai badiya hai ( Its always taste the same ) .

Free Snacks , Yummy (after all free hai). Canteen me ek chakkar maar hi lete hai.
(Chalo aaye hai toh ek match ho jaye TT Championship)

Oops almost end of day Now let me work ( Create printout / photocopies of already available code & documents wink smart ha!)

Shit man, ye clock itni slow kyu hai. If I go before time then impression will be bad and everyone will come to know the truth.

Yes ! Ho gaya time jane ka. Hurray !

Make few important phone calls and few personal calls ( Muje kaunsa bill bharna hai ) "I am free"

Day over, Spend an hour out aab aa hi gaya huun to jym bhi chalte hai Ek se kya hoga, Let me try more (More weights more muscles)

Have Dinner [Repeat this process next day]

 Joke Added : 14, September 
 Submited by : Jeetu  Views: 23,753
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