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  Jokes Category  >>  Computers Jokes  Joke No : 236 
Ideal `ORKUT' profile of a Software Engineer

About me: I think I am changing the world, but I am not. I think I am contributing to the Indian economy, but I guess I am not. I think I love my work, but I do not.

I think I hate all people who made me earn my engineering degree, and I do. I think I am living, but and most importantly, I am LOOKING for someone to make me live !! OkI won't be funny anymore. I am a cool guy with a zeal to enjoy life (For all those who know me> "Just stop laughing!!")

Relationship status : What?

Birthday : The day my Project Leader is about to fire me.

Age : 101111111111

Here for: Web browsing in company hours.

Children : can't be (hey, don't get me wrong here!)

Ethnicity : Programmer.

Languages I speak : Java, C/C++, 010101110101

Religion : I get holidays on all religious festivals, so I love all religions.

Political view : The guy sitting beside me is a pig!

Humor : Daily in office hrs visiting sites like funtoosh

Fashion: Ask my company HR. Btw, I like jeans, t-shirt and a cross-bag

Smoking: The second greatest pleasure on the earth.

Living : Come on, this is a stupid one. How can this be asked to a Software engineer? Believe me, I am living!

Hometown : My company (Oh God! Please bring my appraiser to this page)

Webpage :,, Isn't it Ultimate???

Passions : searching for the cheapest pub around, cursing my company, looking for other company, remembering my good old college days, worrying about my future.

Sports: Quake, CS (Counter Strike), computer chess.

Activities : Are you crazy?

Books : "How to lose weight in 20 days?", "How to live a happy life?", "101 ways to attract girl", "Java Unleashed", "C++ at your footsteps", Others censored

Music : Metallica, Pink Floyd, Nirvana, ACDC, and anything depressing or doesn't make sense.

Cuisines : Bread Butter, Maggi but anything available within 200 meters of my cubicle!

 Joke Added : 12, January 
 Submited by : Hari  Views: 24,058
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