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  Jokes Category  >>  Computers Jokes  Joke No : 121 
Schedule for Software Engineers

8:30AM: wake up

8:45AM: Tough decision ahead...... To have bath or not.

8:50AM: Have To.

8:55AM: Bread & Jam + glass of milk or orange Juice

9:15AM: Punch in.

9:20AM: Check Mail.

9:25AM: Check Again just in case...

9:30AM: Since It is already 9:30 wait for tea(9:45AM).

9:45AM: TEA/COFFEE party & Smoke.

10:00AM: Check Mail.

10:05AM: Check again. Can't Believe that no mail has come. Is

everybody dead or what.

10:20AM: Sudden feeling of loneliness and desperation. Turn

around to look for some body (Anybody) to talk to.

10:30AM: Found a guy testing something. Feel real pity for his

pathetic, boring and useless existence.

10:40AM: Sudden urge to get some work done and fast. Start

looking for the file.(Can't remember it's name)

11:00AM: Boss summons in his office. BAD SIGN

11:30AM: How the hell am I suppose to remember everything. Why should I be responsible for everything that goes bad.

11:45AM: Try to locate a scape goat. No body around.

12:00AM: Mood is really bad decide to postpone work till after lunch.

12:30AM: lunch

1:00PM: Lunch over.

1:10PM: Go for a smoke. Can't even smoke in this god forsaken place.

1:35PM: Back from a smoke. It was good. I even did not pay for the cig. the other chap is so foolish.

1:40PM: Check mail.

1:50PM: Mood is good. Decide to go to Samachar. Real sleazy thoughts.

2:30PM: Feeling real sleepy after such a mammoth mental effort.

2:45PM: Tea/Coffee Time.

3:00PM: Chat and discuss with colleague on the bad state of the company. Blame everybody for incompetence and laziness.

3:45PM: Check Mail.

4:00PM: A guy from testing comes for help.(Jerk)

4:11PM: Try to look busy.

4:12PM: He is asking for a technical help.(Realjerk).

4:15PM: After really making him beg for help decide to take a book.

4:50PM: No solution found. Really angry on the guy for getting myself involved.

4:55PM: Suddenly boss is spotted in the neighboring area.Try make as much loud noise as possible with some obscure technical jargon thrown in.

5:00PM: Boss has gone back to his den. Coast is clear.

5:05PM: Blame the problem on R&D.

5:10PM: Check mail. "Yes" a mail has finally arrived.

5:13PM: It's a silly joke and old too, But it felt good.

5:14PM: a quick dash for gate.

5:15PM: Third in punching out.

5:25PM: Reached Room.

5:26PM: TV on.No worth while program.

8:30PM: Still no worth while program.Every body is getting lazy andirresponsible what will happen to this world GOD help us. Curse Government.

8:45PM: Food arrives. Pretty bad.

8:48PM: Dinner finished & Smoke.

8:50PM: Bay watch. At last some quality.

11:00PM: Mtv Grind. Hmm things are looking up.

12:45AM: Today there were really good programs.

1:30AM: decide to sleep. Tough day ahead.

 Joke Added : 18, October 
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