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   PacMan, 3D Driver, Blocks Arcade, Gopher Attack, Pong and Star Wars

Mario Racer Nine Ball

Oh yes! He's back. Mario is back to jump, kick and bounce his way to free the princess. This game is truly an amazing adaptation of the original - giving you the same look and feel like the old classic. This one is a favorite here at Funtoosh.

Varoom...This simple but addictive game will surely test your driving skills. Or should we say 'keyboard skills'. One Miniature car and a fun track make it a big hit. An excellent pool type game to spend your time playing or practicing. You can even compete against the computer if you are brave enough.Fun.
15 Puzzle Breakout Marble Solitaire
This puzzle will remind you of your younger days and the online adaptation is truly marvelous. Very addictive and loads fast. How fast can you arrange the numbers? One of the most popular games ever - your mission is to break all the bricks with a ball and a paddle. Starts easy but gets increasingly challenging. A super hit! Can you leave only one marble on the board?. This game is simple and tough. Be careful, don't loose your marbles over this one. We at Funtoosh love to spend our spare time with this one.
IceBlox MasterMind Rubik's Cube
Collect gold coins and solve one maze after the other. With moving blobs, dangerous fires and falling bricks this game provides lots of entertaining twists and turns. Be prepared to use your greymatter extensively for this game. Can you guess the computers mind? Try your smarts against the computer to see who the 'real' brain is. This is one match thats even fun to loose. Loads extremely fast and is an excellent example of what simple java games are all about. Very addictive -remember no to start this one during office hours. :)