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    Funny SMS Jokes
    1-2 din se tabiyat theek nahi thi....
     Indian Desi SMS  Sep, 16
    Teacher: Duniya me postman toh bahut...
     Indian Desi SMS  Sep, 16
    Teacher asked the students to tell...
     SMS Jokes  Sep, 16
    Rahul asked to Sam what they will do...
     SMS Jokes  Sep, 4
    Teacher: Which one is closer, Sun or...
     SMS Jokes  Sep, 2
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    A Random Joke

    Mathematical Jokes!

    * My geometry teacher was sometimes acute, and sometimes obtuse, but always, he was right.

    * Old mathematicians never die, they just lose some of their functions.

    * An answering machine message "The number you have dialed is imaginary. Please rotate your phone 90 degrees and try again."

    * Philosophy is a game with objectives and no rules. Mathematics is a game with rules and no objectives.

    * A retired mathematician took up gardening, and is now growing carrots with square roots.

    Q: What caused the big bang?
    A: God divided by zero. Oops!

    * "Mathematics consists of proving the most obvious thing in the least obvious way".
    -Polya, George, in N. Rose Mathematical Maxims and Minims, Raleigh NC:Rome Press Inc., 1988.

    * "As long as algebra is taught in school, there will be prayer in school."
    - Cokie Roberts

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